Monday, November 22, 2010

epic sandwiches

Do you see how big this sandwich is? I don't know if I managed to accurately capture the enormity of this masterpiece with a photo, so let me attempt to convey it with words. Between two unassuming slices of toasted, fluffy bread, a jungle of green grew upward, and within this jungle of green, three mastodonic slabs of pork with crispy fried and salted rinds were skewered into place, smothered in a curry mayonnaise. Pickles and slivers of apple cascaded down onto the plate, some leaping off onto the table, while a pile of artfully roasted baby potatoes glistened in the corner. A pool of curry mayo was provided for emergency purposes, as the whole tower leaned threateningly to the right. I was awestruck. This was perhaps, the Everest of sandwiches.

Still full the following day on the way to my grandad's hometown of Esbjerg, I stopped in the charmingly named town of Middelfart, to see my friend Sue— and it was lunchtime.

This must be how the Danes stay warm!


dodo said...

So, how do we eat them :)
They can't be bitten :)

Colleen said...


szaza said...

Well, I did my best with a knife and a fork :)