Thursday, June 27, 2013

a brief interval

I know this is a bit random, because I just briefly took you to Lebanon, but I really liked those photos and wanted to share them. I also never got to finish showing you the photos and sketches from my Urfa trip, because we were all so rudely interrupted by gas bombs and police violence. But there were incredible things as well; the peaceful uniting of thousands upon thousands of people from different backgrounds, speaking out against what they believe is wrong. Because I am nowhere near fluent in Turkish, I know that I lost a lot in translation— particularly in the biting wit and humour, the cleverness, creativity, and poetry. Fortunately, you don't have to be Turkish to understand what is happening, you just have to be human.

Sevgili Çapulcus, I am off to Nepal. I don't know what will happen this summer, I just hope it's something good. I love this country deeply, and though I was not born here, it is my home. I hate to see such violence and suffocation of human rights, and though these things need to be seen and shared, what should also be known is the compassion, the bravery, the standing together. It is truly awe-inspiring. Please be safe, stay strong, and never lose your humour.

I will be scheduling a number of posts from my past Urfa trip— it's such a beautiful part of Turkey with so much history, and a perfect example of how varied this country is. See you in Kathmandu!

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