Saturday, June 15, 2013

this crime

This morning I went back to the doctor to check on the rash that has taken over my torso and legs, and was told that I am most likely reacting to the gas I've been exposed to, which is what I had figured. On the way back, I spent some time in Gezi Park, sketching and exploring the area. People were preparing the soil in a section of the park for an organic vegetable garden. Children were painting pictures in the shade of a tent. The LGBT Block was preparing snacks. There was dancing, singing, relaxing, and swinging in the playground. It was lovely.

At around 20:50, I watched in horror from my home, as police stormed Taksim. The park was gassed, and water cannons shot what is believed to be chemically tainted water at protesters. Bulldozers moved in to raze the tents. There were children in the park. People sought refuge in the Divan Hotel, which was then gassed by the police. Ambulances were not allowed into the Park. It has been said that doctors who volunteered to treat the wounded were arrested. Reporters have been kept out of the park, and targeted by police. Many people are hurt.

I can hear loud booms outside my window, and what sound like gunshots— this I assume is the firing of teargas, though there are plenty of reports that police are also firing rubber bullets at people.

What is happening here is a crime.

If you would like to see photos of what is happening now in Taksim, visit #occupygezipics— but I must warn you that some photos are graphic and disturbing.


dinahmow said...

I don't know what I can do to help, except pass your link to as many as I can.
All good wishes to you and the good people of Gezi.

Anonymous said...

Savage beast, your government. Yet we cannot trust our own to be any different - look what they do to you - and our government is afraid to say... this is wrong. Because they would do it if their agenda called for it.
You are fighting for us all.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, Bloody Sunday..
Do they never learn?

szaza said...

Thank you, Dinah and Sheryl.
I'll do my best to inform and document what I see.