Sunday, June 2, 2013

calm in the wake

Today there was no sign of police. Taksim and Gezi Park were places of jubilation, chanting, singing, and picnicking. People had set up improvised snack shops, distributing water, crackers and other treats for free. Barricades were still up, the burnt carcasses of police vehicles and buses blocked roads, and protesters and their children patrolled the area with trash bags, cleaning up their city. Street vendors took the opportunity to sell everything from barbecued corn, to pilaf, to köfte sandwiches and beer. Later this evening, two large bonfires were built on the site of the new tunnel construction, where people tossed in the wooden walls that were used to block people from entering the area.  It has been an exhausting three days, and I am relieved things have calmed down in Taksim, but I wonder what lies ahead. Will anything change? I hope.

I still have hundreds of photos on my camera to share, but they will have to wait until tomorrow and the days that follow— I really need a good night's rest. Stay tuned!


dinahmow said...

Not much on our newscasts now.I hope that's a good sign.Stay safe!

Isabel said...

Hope things will stay calm and that the Park stays in place, thanks for your covering of the story and the links to Pef drawings and story

Beth said...

If we could, J. and I would be with all of you on the streets. Thank you for your photos and sketches and commentary. I hope things will calm down.

barbara said...

thanks for keeping us updated as to what is actually happening "on the ground"

my thoughts are with you - keep safe


Unknown said...

I'm glad it's calmer now. Your photos and sketches show how horrific the situation has been made by the police.

Stay safe my friend.

szaza said...

Thank you all so much!
Things are actually quite beautiful— the way people have really come together. I hope it stays peaceful, but I have my doubts.