Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the entrepreneurs

By now you have probably seen the typical image of the çapulcus in Istanbul, fighting the fight with pride, waving flags and donning both Guy Fawkes and gas masks— but perhaps you haven't seen images of these guys:

In true Turkish spirit, some people have turned a lemon into lemonade— finding opportunity in the chaos (though at the moment things are very calm). Vendors have taken over Istiklal street and the sidewalks around Beşikataş to sell swimming goggles and surgical masks to protect you from the effects of teargas, lemons and milk to help with the burning, Guy Fawkes masks, pictures and T-shirts of Atatürk, and various food items, because protesting can make you hungry. There are cherry vendors and kebab cookers, men with tea kettle carts, the ubiquitous simitçis and watermelon sellers. It is something to behold, and quite a delight. I wonder where they got all those masks and whistles from so quickly?

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